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[Introduction to Phonetics]

[Historical Perspectives]




Three Braches of Phonetics

[Articulatory Phonetics]

[Acoustic Phonetics]

[Auditory Phonetics]


Learnings From Course

[Independent Studies]


[Instrumental Phonetics]

[Experimental Phonetics]

[Descriptive Phonetics]


[Comparative Phonetics]

[Parametric Phonetic]

Application of Phonetics

[Linguistic Phonetics]

[Clinical Phonetics]

[Forensic Phonetics]

[Phonetic Teaching]

[Architectural Phonetics]

Related Issues


[Phonetics associated with Music]

[Phonetics in EFL]

[International Phonetic Alphabet]

[International Phonetic Alphabet usage]

[Text-To-Speech (TTS System)]

[Multimedia Resources]

[Chinese Syllabic Constraints]


The Nature of Speech

[Physics, Biology, and Psychophysics]

[Sound Production across Species]

[Sound Production across Languages]

[Linear and Non-Linear Nature]

[Multi-Level Representations]

[Biological Preamptedness]

The Biological Bases of Speech Production

[Connections between Auditory and Speech Mechanisms]

[The Vocal Tract and Related Speech Organs]

[Foreign Accent]


Theories of Speech Production

[Source Filter Theory (Gunnar Fant 1960)]

[Motor Theory of Speech Perception (A. Liberman 1985)]

[Levelt’s Model (1989)]

[Bernoulli Effect]

[Myoelastic Arodynamic Theory (van den Berg 1958)]

[Mucovisicoelastic Arodynamic Theory (Hiroto 1966)]

[Body Cover Theory of Laryngeal Function (Hirano 1974)]

[Two Mass Theory (Ishizuka 1972)]

[Small Amplitude Oscilation Theory (Titze 1988)]

Sounds of World Languages (SOWL)

[Index of Languages]

[Index of Sounds]

[Languages Map Index]

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