The Biological Bases of Speech Production (3)

Foreign Accent
In our daily lifeĦBwe are aware of the existence of accentĦBespecially when having a conversation with foreigners from other countries. For exampleĦBwe can identify a person whether his is from China or Taiwan by the pronunciation of words with retroflex sounds.

The first website below is a phonetic database of different language speakers reading the same article. The other is a clip about one man who can imitate about 100 peopleĦĤs voiceĦBwhich shows that every people has different way of speaking andĦBof courseĦBdifferent voice quality.

The speech accent archive (QuickTime required)
The Man of Another 100 Voices

In some special casesĦBpeople starts to speak with another voice and toneĦBlike he or she is possesed by some demon. In factĦBit's your brain again. Visit these websites below to get further information.
Foreign Accent Syndrome
Possession? NoĦBbrain damage