The Biological Bases of Speech Production (0)


Dogs and cats in the houseĦBhorses and sheep in the barnĦBwhales and dolphins in the oceanĦBeven insects in the forestĦBall of these creatures can make distinct sounds (including some ultrasounds which cannot be heard by human)ĦBand some of them can imitate human voice and even give a great interactionĦBwatch the clip below and give this smart fowl fellow a big hand!


SoĦBhow about we humans? Are we competent enough to bit the bird?
Let's see the limitation of human voice:

Georgia Brown-Brazilian singer (see whistle register)
Basso profundo-the lowest note
Dean Frenkel (harmonical singer)

So farĦBwe are only aware of the pitches that human beings can makeĦBin the next sectionĦBwe are going to think about the connections between auditory and speech mechanismsĦBand see how brain works when we are talking. And in section 2 we will try to discover how the vocal tract works to produce speaking voices. In the last sectionĦBwe are going to focus on the accent of speechĦBand discuss the cause.