About GIL

Graduate Institute of Linguistics
Director: Chen Yung Yu

Brief History

  This Institute was established in the fall of 1969, and up to now it has a history of thirty-eight years. The Institute was first established as a Graduate Institute of Western Language. As the discipline developed in Taiwan , qualified theoretical or applies linguists were needed. In 1972 the institute was renamed the Graduate Institute of Linguistics. Up to date there have been over two hundred and fourteen graduates. Most are engaged in language teaching or pursuing a doctoral degree abroad.  
  The first director of the institute was Professor Franz Giet. He was succeeded by Professor Hsu Hong-kun (Joseph H. Hsu) in 1979. Professor Fu Yi-chin chaired the institute in 1983. After he retired in 1992, Professor Liu Hsiao-mei served as director. In 1998, Professor Hsu Hong-kun became the director. When Professor Hsu retired, Professor Hong Zhen-yao served as acting director. Then Professor Liu Hsiao-mei began serving as director again in the fall semester of 2000. Bro. Nicholas Koss was serving as acting director in the fall semester of 2001. Now Professor Chen Yung-yu is serving as director.  

Special Features

The purpose of the Graduate Institute of Linguistics is to provide students with a good foundation in theoretical linguistics and a special area proficiency in applied linguistics. The program in designed to prepare qualified persons to be teachers of English as a foreign language, teachers of Chinese as a foreign language, speech therapists and researchers in significant areas of linguistics.