• Maddieson, I. (1984). Patterns of sounds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Chapter 1    The size and structure of phonological inventories

                   Handout (Diana)

Chapter 2    Stops and affricates

                   Handout  Chart (Judy)

Chapter 3    Fricatives

                   Handout (Britta)

Chapter 4    Nasals

                   Handout  Chart (Becky)

Chapter 5    Liquids

                   Handout (Larry)

Chapter 6    Vocoid approximants

                   Handout (Vincent)

Chapter 7    Glottalic and laryngealized consonants

                   Handout (Flora)

Chapter 8    Vowels

                   Handout (Amber)

Chapter 9    Insights on vowel spacing

                   Handout (Ryan)

Chapter 10  The design of the UCLA phonological segment inventory database (UPSID)

                   Handout (Jill)


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