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Chronicles of Significant Events in Phonology

  • 1870s (early) French linguist A. Dufruche-Desgenettes coined the word ˇ§phonemeˇ¨ to substitute ˇ§Sprachlautˇ¨ in presentation to the Societe linguistique de Paris

  • 1876 Verner published his famous article on exceptions to Grimmˇ¦s law

  • 1876 Leskien formulated the doctrine of the regularity of sound change

  • 1876 Sievers published his Grundziige der Lautphysiologie

  • 1876 Brugmann presented his theory of the syllabic nasals of Indo-European

  • 1876 Swiss linguist J. Winteler used ˇ§phonemic principleˇ¨ to describe Schwyzertutsch dialect of Kerenz

  • 1878/1879 Saussure ˇ§Memoire sur le systeme primitif des voyelles dans les langues indo-europeennesˇ¨

  • 1881 Saussure met Baudouin in Societe linguistique de Paris

  • 1895 Baudouin ˇ§Attempt at a Theory of Alternationˇ¨

  • 1915 Moscow Linguistic Circle

  • 1916 Saussure ˇ§Cours de linguistique generaleˇ¨

  • 1925 Czech Professor V. Mathesius echos Moscow Linguistic Circle in Prague

  • 1928 Kury/owicz discovered consonantal reflexes of the ˇ§laryngealsˇ¨ in Hittie (confirmed Saussureˇ¦s conjectures of Indo-European vowels 50 years ago)

  • 1939 Trubetzloy ˇ§Grundzuge der phonologieˇ¨