Georg Andreas Sorge (1703-1778)



 George Andreas was born on March 21, 1703 in the town of Mellenbach in Thuringia. He received his first musical training from the local organist and, after 1714, from Caspar Tischer in the Franconian town of Schney, who taught him to play various instruments. Besides this, he dedicated himself especially to the art of composition. In 1716 he turned to his home town and in 1721 assumed the post of Court and City Organist in Lobenstean. He held this position until his death on April 4, 1778. Although he left behind extensive chamber and vocal compositions, he achieved the greatest admiration for his writings in music theory. In the fields of organ building and theory he published interesting and fundamental writings that are still highly regarded. With Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg he carried on a scientific debate about the tempering of musical instruments, especially organs. Particularly well known became his book, The Master Organ Builder Who Is Highly Experienced In the Art of Mathematics and Measuring from 1773. Sorge actively exchanged letters with some of his famous contemporaries, among them, Georg Philipp Telemann. In 1747 he became a member of the Mizlers Society to which Johann Sebastian Bach also belonged.


One of his famous works

Vorgemach der mus. Komposition: "the Rudiments of Music Composition"


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