Hirano.Minoru, 1974  “Body Cover Theory Of Laryngeal Function ”


Hirano Minoru  MD, PhD

Personal data;

   Birth; 1935,  Degree; MD&PhD in National Kyoto University

   Profession;  President of Kurume University, from 1996 to now.

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Body cover theory of laryngel function

   Hirano established Body Cover Theory, which had a big influence on the later research,especially on vocal fold vibration model. Research on voice production system using vibration model, had been worked also in the communication enginnering  field for a long time. Wegel and Flanagan’s models are famous. But a lot of models by Japanese had also been Published , such as Ishizaka and Matsudaira’s model. Becaouse naturally speech pathologist and scientist play a central role, not medical doctors in Phoniatrics of Eouropa, United State and so on. Hirano’s theory combined together with some work and historical research results. For example, Satta’s paper(Univ. of Tokyo.1937), Hayashi’s paper(Keio Unuv.1939),  Kirikae’s paper(Univ. of Tokyo.1943), Hiroto’s paper(Kurume Univ.1966),