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3.4.1 Preface of The Biology of Language

The story of man’s interest in the origin of language and its biological prerequisites is a story without end. But one promising aspect of its perennial nature is the obvious widening of the vistas in this unique “terra incognita” of human knowledge. However, with each new volume the painstaking job undertaken by researchers and philosophers alike advances mankind’s insight into the fascinating story of the beginning of language and, as many would say, the beginnings of humanity.

The present volume contains a collection of papers presented and discussed at an International Symposium held in December of 1998 at Czerniejewo, near Poznanm Poland. The central theme of the Symposium was to relate the debate between Essentialism and Evolutionism with the nature of language. In this sense, the volume belongs in the provenance of language origins. Moreover, the material generated for and by this Symposium provides a useful overview for all those who have an interest in the problems of the biology of language coupled with the equally vital question of the origins of language and speech. The editor hopes that the volume is one further step leading to the opening of the doors on the understanding of the significance of the two problems. It is also the editor’s hope that the present volume is one more step toward a further consolidation of the fraternity of communication on language biology and language origins.

By Stanislaw Puppel


3.4.2 Table of contents


1. Preface

2. Acknowledgements

3. Chimps, children and creolesthe need for caution

     Jean Aitchison

4. Some problems with an evolutionary view of written language

     David Barton

5. Essentialism in languagea convenient but fallacious premise

     Bernard H. Bichakjian

6. The invention of the syllablereflections of a humanist on the biology  of language

     Robert Payson Creed

7. Genetic classification and the historical method

     Angela Della Volpe

8. Animal communication and human languagesearching for their  evolutionary relationship

     Gabor Gyori

9. From proto-language to grammarpsychological considerations for the emergence of grammar in language evolution

     Martin Hildebrand-Nilshon

10. The biological imperatives on communicative interaction

     Mary Ritchie Key

11. Ritual/representation as the semiogenetic precursor of hominid symbol use

     Jo Liska

12. Language acquisition and the essentialist-evolutionist debate

     David J. Messer

13. Group selection in the biocultural evolution of languagefate of the Neanderthals revisited

     Richard G. Milo and Duane Quiatt

14. The biology of languageessentialist vs. evolutionist in the nature of language

     Harvey B. Sarles

15. A possibility of quantum evolution of language

     Wlodzimierz Sedlak

16. Biological and cultural factors in the evolution of language

     David Smillie

17. Index of names

18. Index of terms