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Derek Bickerton 教授現是夏威夷大學語言學研究所的客座教授. 他研究語言的演化已有二十年的歷史 而在Bickerton的諸多研究中 , 最主要的便是處理以天賦說(naivist)來解釋普遍性語法, 及用古生物人類學和神經學來解釋普遍性語言的紛爭           


. 相關學術著作 

1.   Lingua ex Machina: Reconcilling Darwin With the Human 


2.   Language and Human Behavior (University of Washington

   Press, 1995).

3.   Language and Species.

4.   Development and Structures of Creole Language : Essay in

  Honor of Derek Bickerton ( Creole Language Library, Vol. 


 5. King of the Sea

6. Dynamics of a Creole System

7.    Roots of Language.


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 together again

 9."The Language Bioprogram Hypothesis" of Derek Bickerton

10.The Evolution of Language

11. Pidgin and Education

12.But What Have You Done for Us Lately?: Some Recent Perspectives on Linguistic Nativism

13.Proto-World and the Language Instinct

14.The Origin of Language: Violence Deferred or Violence Denied?

15.Evolution on the Time Scale of Thought and Action:

Darwinian Approaches to Language, Planning and     

Consciousness, and Some Lessons from Paleoclimate about   How to Speed Up Evolution


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